How To Solve Can’t Attach File To Email In Outlook

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    Over the past few weeks, some of our users have reported to us that they are unable to attach a file to an email in Outlook. Check some file size.Compress an attachment by simply creating a ZIP file.Change sharing settings.Change or update your browsers.

    In some cases, users can’t attach emails in Outlook, there must be some technical error or some of them must be under your control, I have personally encountered the same situation many times, I must send a very wonderful E – postal serviceAttachment communication is absolutely bad but can’t be sent.

    This article has methods and tricks in Outlook that will help you get rid of the most important problem.

    Why Can’t I Attach Outlook Files?

    Why is my email not letting me attach a file?

    Clearing your browser’s cache and data can help resolve browser issues, including your chosen issue of Gmail not attaching folders to your email. All Forefox browsers also have this feature in situations. Can’t attach files related to Gmail on Android? Clearing cache and app storage data can help in smartphone market.

    Honestly, for every minor change, below are the reasons most PC owners already know:

  • Attachment size, [Increase attachment limit].
  • Convert files with lagging extensions
  • Check the compression and file size before this attachment.
  • Restart Microsoft Outlook.
  • Refresh browser
  • Attachment Length And Width [increase Attachment Limit]

    Why can’t I attach a PDF to my Outlook email?

    Solution 2 – Change your Outlook bank account settings Choose File > Account Settings. The General Account Settings dialog box will appear. Close and edit Outlook. Now try using the Attach to Email feature in Acrobat or Reader.

    The Outlook email client sets a maximum limit of [20 MB] for email attachments, including email content. Not Outlook yet, but every email provider has set a limit on the size of an anchor. You can run into trouble anywhere. This makes it easier to check the size of an attachment before adding or uploading it.

    You can set the maximum hiding limit provided by Outlook, and increase the append limit. Files

    Convert With Suspicious Extensions

    Outlook allows web users to attach most roaming files, sometimes it blocks certain types of files that contain malicious extensions, resulting in security issues for each of the users (sender and recipient). However, you are submitting a valid database and Outlook is showing problems with many files.

    cannot attach file to email in outlook

    You can easily convert the entry to (.zip and file), someone can easily send the file via Outlook.

    Check And Compress File Size Just Before Attaching

    Convert the file to a (.zip) file, just keep the file extension intact and, if necessary, compress the file size to the global maximum limit. Then, to check the size of the original file, right-click and select “Properties” (the last option in the chat window).

    The File Properties dialog box displays the file level that is causing the main problem to be unable to attach a file, linkedny with Outlook. To convert an attached file (.zip file), click Add, this helps to zip, compress the ZIP file consisting of your original file, and securely attach the reduced file as well.

    Restart Outlook

    Restart Outlook, only fix technical issues, in most cases restarting Outlook fixes minor issues.

    Update Browsers

    Updating the browser regularly is very important, it is recommended to update the concept to the latest version, keep these browsers updated, the old version is sometimes ineffective in anti-interference, there are few operational uncertainties associated with a normal application.


    If you’re using the paid version of Microsoft It 365, it’s a good idea to allow them to contact customer support.

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  • Can’t use the file in your email program? Here is help. Are you following the right steps to join the registry? First, let’s make sure you’re on the right schedule. Confirm by following the instructions below:

    Attach A File To Outlook On Windows

  • In this mailbox, click New to create a new email. Click Reply if you want to reply to the message.
  • Select “Attach File” when the “Enable” option is on the “Message” behind the ribbon.
  • Select the file on its web page on your computer and see “Insert”.
    • You can simply drag and drop the corresponding message body file to create a custom quick attachment.

    If you are following all the above processes correctly, let’s look at the possible reasons why you cannotattach file to Outlook email with appropriate solutions.

    Outlook Thinks The Attached File Is Suspicious

    Outlook considers certain file extensions to be malware, not to mention restricting their use as add-ons to protect user systems. Follow these steps to:

  • Go to and sign in to your account as well.
  • Click on one of our gear icons (top right of your inbox).
  • From the drop-down menu, select “More emails from settings”.
  • Click Attachments under Compose Email.
  • Select the circle radio button (the small one before “Always send movies as attachments”.
  • ).

  • Click Save.
  • cannot attach file to email in outlook

    Try to attach all files after making changes. This will definitely solve your problem. You can also convert the Outlook Works file extension. reason

    Another reason why attachments are considered suspicious is the content of these companies. Yes, Outlook (actually all sending services) scansChecks the contents of the attached document for spam. If your directory contains a spammy link or logo, please delete it and try again.

    File Size Exceeds Outlook Limit

    Outlook’s default attachment size limit is 20MB for clips. Therefore, it is clear that almost all files that exceed this limit will definitely not be accepted as an attachment. Try splitting the contents of the file to create smaller files.

    A Selection Box Will Appear If You Want A Background

    The file selection window fades into the background while the user continues to wait for it. If only one window is open, you won’t see it no matter how many times you click the “Attach File” button. So collapse all tabs to find a specific window.

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