How To Fix VBA 13 Type Mismatch Error Easily

Here are a few simple steps that can help fix vba type mismatch error 13.

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    A VBA type mismatch error occurs when trying to inject a value between two different facet types. The error appears regarding “Runtime Error 13 – Type Mismatch”. For example if you are trying to put text into a longint variable or try to put words into a date variable.

    error 13 mismatch type vba

    Visual Basic can also convert and cast different values ​​to get an data type, which unfortunately was not possible possible in earlier versions.

    This error can still occur and has the following causes and solutions:

  • Cause. Not all variable or property are of the correct type. For example, one variable that takes an integer cannot take a string value, the whole string can be recognized as an integer.
  • Decision. Try to only provide assignments between compatible data types. For example, an integer can certainly be assigned to a Long, one of the Single values ​​can always be assigned to make sure you’re safe are doubles , and any variant (except user-defined type) can be requested as a variant.

  • Cause: An object was previously passed to a procedure that probably expects a single property, which could be a value.
  • Decision. Pass the corresponding property in one call to the method corresponding to the most important object.

  • error 13 mismatch type vba

    Reason. A phone module or project was used where an earlier expression. , example:

     for Debug.Print MyModule
  • Reason: You were trying to mix standard basic error handling with Variant and thus generate error subtype values ​​(10, vbError), which means for example:

     CVErr(n) error
  • Decision. To rethrow an error, you must map it to a built-in or custom Visual Basic error and then rethrow that error.

  • Cause: The CVErr value could not be converted to a date. For example:

     MyVar = CDate(CVErr(9))
  • Decision. Use a select option to specify a similar construct for manually passing the return of a CVErr to a value.

  • Cause. During runtime this error usually indicates that the variant used in the expression has the wrong new subtype or the variant starting with array appears in the Print #.
  • statement

    Workaround: To print arrays, create a loop that prints the depth one by one.

    For more information, select the appropriate option and Press F1 (Windows) (in or HELP (in Macintosh).

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  • How do I fix Visual Basic Runtime Error 13?

    Open the Excel file you just bought and set the calculation function to Manual.Click Tools >> Macro >> Security >> High Level.If you are using Excel 2007, select Office >> Excel Options >> Trust Center.

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    I created a macro through a file and at first it could work fine, but today I proved myself by opening and restarting the file, then hundreds of times, and I always get the following error:

    Excel VBA runtime error ’13’, type mismatch

    I’m changing something in macrose, so I don’t know why the error occurs. Also, it takes time to update the macro every time I run it (the macro makes it run for about 9000 lines).

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  • Step 2: Open the program and click "Scan"
  • Step 3: Click "Repair" to start the repair process

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