How To Troubleshoot An Error In Exchange Server E71 Issues

Today’s blog entry was written to help you when you receive the Exchange Server e71 error.

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    Windows theme, Exchange Mail on Nokia E71 in the technical part; the rescue I’m just trying to see if anyone can help with the above issue!Have I recently received a great NOkia E71, I’m going to try…

    1. Aug 30, 2009 2:51 pm #1
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      I was wondering if anyone had anything to say on this matter!

      I recently bought a NOkia E71 and I want to set up messaging, but I’m having problems…
      I installed Exchange Server 2003 SP1 and OWA and now I have web browser access.

      Now I don’t know why Mail for Exchange doesn’t work when there is a bug giving itself away to the servers. Please try again later!

      I searched for it and the utility offers a lot of things. Now, by chance, isn’t there a way to check what’s wrong here? Do my husband and I need to check anything with EMBC?
      Even though Mail for Adjust doesn’t work, I can use any other free program to sync my current email, contacts, and calendar and sign up through OWA without a purchase.

      Thank you

  • 30.2009 03:09 Aug PM #2

    Until things change, EMBC n’ won’t allow access via Exchange (MAPI) only via POP/IMAP/OWA.
    Although I may be wrong.

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  • August 30, 2009 3:17 pm #3 name= “3”>

    I’ll call EMBC on Tuesday and see if they admit it!

  • I have invested in Mail for Exchange (on the way e61 and e71) work with Exchange 2003SP2 over HTTPS.
    Of course, you must set up Activesync/OMA for your Exchange server.

    If you are still accessing over HTTPS like (443) conflicting with HTTP (80) and the phone is complaining about the certificate, the actual phone probably doesn’t trust the reason the SSL certificate was provided. When I first set up Exchange for MfE, I made sure to re-issue the SSL certificate through the Entrust root, as it was indeed one of the few roots approved by Nokia at the time.

  • Aug 30, 2009 04:34 PM #5

    Do you have a complete guide on how to do this? Our server is 2003 SP1 and the certificate was never chosen and we just used the one that was issued by the server… I hope this makes sense.

    How to fly over the reissue?

  • August 30, 2009, 04 : 16:00 #6


    My apologies, I confused your question, I thought you were using the shipping terms provided by EMBC.

    Ignore my message

  • Aug 30, 2009 7:49 PM #7

    I think all you need to do is open the Exchange System Manager MMC snap-in, expand the Global Settings node, and open the mobile services website properties. Then check the most important boxes. Outlook Mobile Access (OMA) on an Exchange 2003 server

    You can check how OMA works by looking for the URL https://externalservername/oma
    I also found another useful website to check active sync timedowngrade and try to exclude MfE during the problem:

    As far as certificates are concerned, I would expect that with the current setup, you will get alerts from mobile devices about the certificate every time it tries to sync when using an Exchange server. Since I probably had paid (i.e. not self-issued) credentials from the mail server, all I had to do was ask the tool vendor to issue them under some Nokia-approved certification by default. Since you are now creating a self-signed certificate, I suggest you try installing it in your gadget. Take a look at this connection (and others like it) and you’ll see that the process isn’t necessarily seamless, but there are a number of suggestions: Nokia Discussions Support – Mail for Exchange and SSL Marriage License – Messaging, Email and Browsing – Nokia Discussions Support

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