Solution For Missed Recovery Error, 5 Sccm Return Issue

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    The client has not yet been upgraded to the premium version. • SCCM reported OK, but it didn’t appear to be a Windows update. I tried another computer connected to the internet, installed a new client and it worked.  Updates published. Therefore, the domain controller the box was stuck. Tried to do the same important thing but never updated. Always says there is a version and an older version. I tried it here:

    1. Tried to deploy client from CFM with uninstall of old students enabled – didn’t work

    2. Cmd prompt in ccmsetup admin, run ./uninstall exe – your current client has been uninstalled. Rebooted and tried again, but now I’m getting error 1603.

    3. Manually deleted the endpoint client – restarted, tried again. didn’t work

    4.Cmd encourage because admin tried ccmsetup.exe /forceinstall – didn’t work

    5. Removed using ccmsetup.exe /uninstall, restarted the folder in c:windows and felt again – did not help

    6. I downloaded ccmcleanup.exe and ran it as administrator, restarted and tried again – someone didn’t succeed.

    Something else must be wrong here is recognized and the default answers do not work. Here are the templates for “Return Value 3” in the current client.msi.log file:

    MSI (s) (AC:20) [10:51:21:320]: WIN64DUALFOLDERS: “C:Windowssystem32” replaces 20 characters in the full path to the folder “C:WindowsSysWOW64ccmcore.dll” . Argument (mask 1, folder pair iSwapAttrib team = 1).

    MSI(s) (AC:20) [10:51:21:320]: created MSIHANDLE (11688) of type 790536 due to thread 3872

    error in rollback skipped return 5 sccm

    MSI (s) (AC:70) [10:51:21:320]: Invoke a custom remote action. DLL: C:WindowsInstallerMSI90E4.tmp, entry point: SmsGenerateFailureMIF

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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Open the program and click "Scan"
  • Step 3: Click "Repair" to start the repair process

  • MSI(s) (AC!7C) [10:51:21:320]: create MSIHANDLE from (11689), enter 790531 for slot 1660

    MSI(s) (AC!7C) [10:51:21:320]: closing MSIHANDLE of type (11689) 790531 for slot 1660

    MSI(s) (AC:70) [10:51:21:320]: closing MSIHANDLE (11688) of type 790536 for slot 3872

    MSI (s) (AC:20) [10:51:21:320]: Article Start Author: ActionStart(Name=CcmStopServiceRollback,Description=Calls CcmStartService. Starts ccmexec.,)

    MSI (s) (AC:20) [10:51:21:320]: create MSIHANDLE(11690) of type 790536 for stream 3872

    MSI(s) (AC:30) [10:51:21:320]: Action generated by remote call. DLL: C:WindowsInstallerMSI90E5.tmp, entry point: CcmStartService

    MSI(s) (AC!24) [10:51:21:336]: create MSIHANDLE (11691) of type 790531 for stream 5668

    MSI(s) (AC!24) [10:51:21:336]: closing MSIHANDLE (11691) of type 790531 for stream 5668

    MSI(s) (AC!24) [10:51:21:336]: created by MSIHANDLE (11692), most commonly associatedth with type 790531 for thread WARNING: 5668

    [10:51:21] Failed to delete configuration in growth timestamp due to error 0x80070002

    MSI(s) (AC!24) [10:51:21:336]: close MSIHANDLE (11692) model 790531 for thread 5668

    MSI(s) (AC:30) [10:51:21:336]: close MSIHANDLE (11690) area 790536 for stream 3872

    MSI(s) (AC:20) [10:51:21:336]: MsiProvideAssembly entry. AssemblyName: Microsoft.ConfigurationManager.AssetProvider.dll, Version=”″, Culture=”neutral”, PublicKeyToken=”31bf3856ad364e35″, AppContext: , InstallMode: -4

    MSI(s) (AC:20) [10:51:21:367]: No System Restore Sequence to install this(s)

    msi (AC:20) [10:51:21:367]: PROPERTY CHANGE: Remove UpdateStarted property. Its call flow is “1”.

    MSI(s) (AC:20) [10:51:21:367]: Note: 1:2262 2:InstallExecuteSequence -2147287038


    When I need to install the SCCM client, connectBased on some machines, I get an installation error 1603. To be honest, the installation starts fine, but ends up with error 1603 after a while.ccmsetup.log……MSI: Action 13:45:12: Allocate registry space. Registry Space Allocationccmsetup2008/07/14 PM2532 13:45:12 (0x09E4)MSI: Action 13:45:12: ProcessComponents. Component registry update ccmsetup 7/14/2008 13:45:12 Action PM2532 (0x09e4)msi: 13:45:12: UnpublishComponents. Unpublish qualified componentsccmsetup2008-07-14 13:45:12 (0x09E4)MSI: pm2532 Action 13:45:12: Unpublish components. Product Release Capabilities ccmsetup 07/14/2008 13:45:12 PM2532 (0x09E4)MSI: Action 13:45:12: SmsTSManagerStopServiceInit. ccmsetup 2008-07-14 13:45:12 (0x09E4)MSI: pm2532 Action 13:45:12: CcmStopService. 13:45:12 ccmsetup 07/14/2008 PM2532 (0x09E4) MSI: Action 13:45:12: StopServices. Stop Servicesenccmsetup Jul 14, 2008 13:45:12 PM2532 (0x09E4)MSI: Action 13:45:12: SmsStopUIComponents. User interface stops Stop and remove WUSER32ccmsetup service 7/14/2008 13:45:12 PM2532 (0x09E4) Installation failed with error codes 1603ccmsetup 7/14/2008 13:45:12 PM2532 (0x09E4)The previous SMS/SCCM client is not installed.Tried a fresh found install after WMI restore to no avail.

    Part Log file does not contain the reason why the person failed. The error happened before. 1603 means “Fatal Installation Error” for you.

    1603 is a general error. I never parsed it for client installation, but due to other MSI files, you may want to check the MSI log for’s usually in %temp% in many installations, but not in some installations, whether it’s there or not

    Client.msi.log must be in the same folder as the actual ccmsetup.log file. Search this log for “Value 3” which is a large number of values ​​returned by a particular MSI file in case of failure, which shows up as almost 1603 in ccmsetup.log. Use the Value 3 display first (if there are more than 1). Your error appeared in client.msi.log – the lines above the previous entry should tell you what went wrong.

    I just checked the client.msi.log and it doesn’t work:Stop removing WUSER32. return value 3.I hope this makes sense.

    error in rollback skipped return 5 sccm

    Add 10 lines above “StopDeleteWUSER32. Return value From 3” to filei.log. Thank you.

    Thanks, it sounds like this:============================================Action start 12:25:44: StopServices.MSI(s) (0C:BC) [12:25:44:170]: Skip action: SmsUninstallPrepDrvr Is (condition false)MSI(s) (0C:BC) [12: 25:44:170]: Transition Behavior: SmsUninstallPrepDrvrX64 – (Condition False) MSI(s)(0C:BC) [12:25:44:170]: Transition Action: SmsUninstallPrepDrvrAMD64 – (Condition False)MSI(s)(0C ):BC ) [12:25:44:170]: Skip option: SmsSwDistCacheDirDelete is (false condition)MSI (s) (0C:BC) [12:25:44:170] : Perform action: SmsStopUIComponentsAction completed 12:25 :44: Services stopped. Return Value 1. Action started 12:25:44: SmsStopUIComponents.MSI(s) (0C:BC) [12:25:44:186]: Playback: StopDeleteWUSER32Action 12:25:44: SmsStopUIComponents ended. Return 1. MSI Rating(s) (0C:4C) [12:25:44:201]: call built-in custom action. DLL: C:WINNTInstallerMSI265.tmp, entry point: StopDeleteWUSER32Action 12:25:44: Run StopDeleteWUSER32.MSI(s) (0C:BC) [12:25:44:201]: Computer policy value ” DisableRollback “‘ will probably be 0MSI(s) (0C:BC) [12:25:44:201]: 1: Note: 1402 2: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionInstallerRollbackScripts 3:2 Action ended 12:25:44: Stop deleting WUSER32. response speed 3.============================================= >

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