Steps To Troubleshoot Vxml Output Event Session Errors

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    You may encounter an error code indicating that a VXML session error occurred during the end of the event. Now, there are different steps you can take to fix this problem, so let’s talk about it now.

    An event is considered significant if it occurs in a human body or application.In a desktop process, events occur as a result of user actions such as pressing a keyor by clicking your own mouse button. alsoEvents inserted due to system actions, such as a system shutdown or, even more catastrophically, any system failure.By raising events, this system gives the application the ability to be very reactive.Applications typically respond to events by performing a useful service.Application for programmers of operating systems such as Microsoft Windowsand the Apple Macintosh are used to the holidays.Web programmers familiar with client-side JavaScript handle events as they occur.when each user interacts with a web user, or when a web phone accesses an HTML document.

    exit event vxml session error

    This gives all other application programmers the ability to do the same.connectorCall related events with various tags defined in the VoiceXML schema. additive,the scheduler can sometimes fire events.This document is about the mechanismmoms event management and processing.using application-defined events during a VoiceXML application.

  • 1. Understanding types of marriage.
  • 2. Event Management
  • 3. Understanding the event user selection
  • 4. Understanding Event Name Prefix Matching
  • 5. Application Defined Events
  • 6. Put it all together
  • VoiceXML places events in two ways: predefined events and application-defined events.Predefined incidents are events that are specifically triggered by the platform and fall into two subcategories.- normal events as well as error events.Application-defined events are custom website events that are triggered and captured by the voice application.Application-defined events are typically events that are discussed later in this application.

    The following table describes the standard standard events defined in the simple voicexml.0 specification.

    Help Dispatched when user information is requested. not records Launch an interactive call level if the user didn’t say much during the timeout. no match Occurs when the user says something outside of the grammars used. Connect.Disconnect.Disconnect Dispatched when the user logs out and/or is able to log out.Handling after clearing is limited to 5 seconds.If you need to implement intensive processing, your event handler must be fired. large transfer to your internet computer for further processing. Prior to version 1, this sporting event was called “telephone.disconnect.hangup.

    “. cancel Dispatched when the user arrives with a request to cancel a hint. logout Dispatched when the user should welcome the exit. maxspeechtimeout Occurs when the user enters an exceeded value for the maxspeechtimeout property. Connect.Disconnect.Transfer Run when the person has been unconditionally transferred and the line is not returned. Before revision 1 this time it iswas phone.disconnect.transfer.

    The following table describes the predefined error events defined in the VoiceXML all 2.0 specification:

    semantic error.When raised, the VoiceXML Translator encountered a runtime error. error.badfetch Dispatched when the underlying HTTP request for a document, external voicexml grammar, or external script fails.If the VoiceXML document requesting the fetch contains semantic errors, our own Badfetch event is fired on our container element that was trying to help you navigate the document.Because the Tellme VoiceXML interpreter loads scripts on its own, this is a bad sampling event that occurs directly as a result of program fetching.does not run until the VoiceXML interpreter encounters the contents of the script. authorization Dispatched when the user is unable to perform the requested operation. error.unsupported.format Whenever you are a requested resource presented in a rather unsupported format . error.unsupported.language Dispatched when the platform does not plan to support the specified language. element error.unsupported.When The user platform does not support the specified VoiceXML element.

    Be sure to use the catch element to handle eventsand set the event credit to the name of the scheduled event.For example, the following drejer sig nomatch enqueues audio and waits for user input:

      I'm sorry. I didn't understand who.  Specify the sport.  For example, let's say baseball.  

    To cover the common predefined events that allow the use of noinput and nomatch,the VoiceXML specification defines corresponding elements with almost the same name, which simplifies the work of the VoiceXML developer.To illustrate, the following noinput handler queues music for the user and plays the prompt again:

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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Open the program and click "Scan"
  • Step 3: Click "Repair" to start the repair process

  •    I'm sorry. Didn't I hear you   

    To handle different events that offer the same processor,a space in the script attribute of the catch element.For illustrative purposes only, the following code defines a tag handler for the noinput event and therefore nomatch.

    exit event vxml session error

     I'm upset. I did not understand.  Please name a real sport.  For example, sports.

    In the previous section, you were told that the VoiceXML interpreterstarts an event handler whose name matches the event to be fired.This is a simplified explanation. The translator usesA number of additional considerations when choosing an event handler.These include:

  • configuration of handlers in their document hierarchy, even if they are known Scope.
  • the manager’s parent website so you can find another one in the same bank, more commonly known as a delivery note document.
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