Steps To Remove Gradient Labels In Windows XP Issue

Over the past few days, some readers have reported that the quality of subtitles has been degraded in Windows XP.

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    The Gradient Caption Proxy provides a simple emulation of the smooth gradient caption that appeared next to Microsoft Office for Windows 95. The extension also gives you full control over the text alignment of the label.

    gradient captions in windows xp

    NOTE >> As long as it’s suitable for Windows XP and looks like a themed app, the gradient subtitle extension will be automatically disabled, especially if it’s running on Windows XP and the hosting app is definitely themed. Gradients

    The annotation functions have been re-integrated into the existing SECFrameWnd and SECMDIFrameWnd.

    The SECFrameWnd class derives from CFrameWnd and adds additional support for the slash mark. The class also adds support for extended dockers. SECMDIFrameWnd

    The class inherits from CMDIFrameWnd and adds support for gradient labeling and Docker window functions.

    1. Change the bottom class to the main frame window class, usually CMainFrame. If you are working with an MDI application, restore the base class (CMDIFrameWnd) using SECMDIFrameWnd. If you are working with an SDI application, replace the base module (CFrameWnd) with SECFameWnd.

    2. Turn on the title of the story, just callav EnableCustomCaption() from the oncreate() element of your main window.

    1. Get one of the SECMDIFrameWnd or SECFrameWnd types. See previous procedures for more information.

    2. Override your CreateCaptionAppFont() method, or your createcaptiondocfont() method, or both. For example, the following directives show how the document’s font is currently rendered in italics.


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    In previous versions, this option was only available on Windows and was tempting when using colors 16
    bit or higher for for Display > Settings > Color quality. You can also try restoring one of the default themes to see if there are two submission options.

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