Troubleshooting A Proton 320 Radio? Fix It Immediately

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    You may encounter an error message stating that the Proton 320 radio is under maintenance. There are several ways to solve this problem, which we will now go through.

    1. I was thinking about emailing the notes for voiceover or ordering. Also, I want to study one or ask more than two. The Proton 320 is a real new discovery for me. I have stated that this device “does not work”, which has often been confirmed.

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    2. Doctor*audioFish And Pudding Figurines!Subscriber

      The switches on the top panel get dirty, especially the AM/FM switches, buzzer/radio, causing distortion as well as intermittent sound. I also had to directly replace the main power cap on my main one, and on one of the dialogues with the amplifier IC there is a reliable cap that then deteriorated. What are the symptoms?

    3. The proposed goal weakens the hearing, if at all. Also failed to try to connect to see the station where it is connected somehow. the voting flag is not considered blocked; responds to turning the fine tuning knob.

      Shortly speaking. The upper cold soldering volume potentiometer, the left point of the lower image is re-combined beforehand. The pulley lubrication has long been contaminated and/or has fallen apart. A tiny bit with a 3-in-1 pulley on the waves with a toothpick (careful folks: don’t let it become a dial bead!). It succeeded; ready to use setup controller.

      TIP: Since usually only four self-tapping screws penetrate completely into the body of the outlet. Remove only four of these screws here. Don’t repeat my mistake and start with cleaner bolts all over the damn area. all I can report is that God smiled at my routine and held the #22 pulley brace in place until I freed some innards, allowing me to watch horror as the pulley/brace fell off and the dial cord dangled. . follow me? The way it was placed allowed me to see how things were going; the pulley eventually returns to its place; it lined the phone line and that was part of it. Insane. There are no instructions on how to call the service manual (which I see), how and how to point to ads. Yeah.


      edited: 01/19/2020

    4. The protective space age foam covering the top switches has actually destroyed the potential to wreak havoc by releasing dirt and grime into all those precious switches. Carefully removed and replaced with a special thin-layer closed foam. Also disables potentiometers. Let everything be thicker, foam around your own potentiometers. For some reason this was done to get him in better shape, and if he falls apart, he should fall straight down (hopefully) until he needs to be fixed.

      Last modified: 01/19/2020

    5. proton 320 radio troubleshooting

      I needbut it was to make sure that you replaced the main power supply in Hutmine, and also there is a special cap on one of the amplifier chips that failed.

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      You are a man. I was curious and was hoping you could tell us what’s going on with your stuff. Thanks! I could dig into mine beforehand and listen later to save time.

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    6. I have a buried proton unit on top of my pile of stuff that you can see. Volume

      the pots are ruined. They just look like you. It just means you don’t have to open them, just keep an eye on them…

    7. proton 320 radio troubleshooting

      Volume controls are broken.

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    8. Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
    9. Step 2: Open the program and click "Scan"
    10. Step 3: Click "Repair" to start the repair process

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