Fix Ruby ​​rspec Dummy Filesystem

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    If you have a ruby ​​rspec dummy filesystem on your PC, I hope this guide will help you.

    this "creates directory" does  FileUtils.expects(:mkdir).with("directory").once  Library.add "directory"end

    ruby rspec mock file system

    requires 'tmpdir'do it "Create directory".  Dir.mktmpdir |dir| compiled Dir.chdir you do      Library.add "directory"      Promise"directory")    end  endend
    this "creates directory" does  FakeFS does   library .add "directory"   Assert"directory")  endend

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  • requires 'fakefs/safe'Enable FakeFS!# real codeDisable FakeFS!# WhereFakeFS does  # new code "fakefs"end

    ruby rspec mock file system

    gem requires: "fakefs/safe"
    requires 'fakefs/spec_helpers'describe "my characteristics" do  enable FakeFS::SpecHelpersend
    requires 'fakefs/safe'describe "my characteristics" do  make the context "my context".    then it "does something with the filesystem"      FakeFS.with_fresh make        number, whatever      end    end endend
    Source """pp" is required# Gems Document
    FakeFS done  config is equal to File. expand_path('../../config', __FILE__)  FakeFS::FileSystem.clone(config)  Expect("#config/foo.yml")).to include("original-content-of-foo")  File.write("#config/foo.yml"), "NEW")  expected ("#config/foo.yml")).to eq "NEW"end
    Run FakeFS::File.class_eval  outgoing content type    'fake/file'  endend

    This may not answer your doubts, but in such cases I usually create a temporary site during a test build and remove it during teardown. Of course, sometimes you need to make sure that the application form writes to this temporary directory. I still have a config option that sets the repository directory which I can override during testing.

    For assertions, I just use File.exist? or File.But directory?, in regards to that of course you can make your own better wrappers around this . Then, if you need an initial state, you have the option to create a directory that can be used as a device and that will almost certainly be copied to a long-lived directory during a test build.

    From time to time I need to test the file location mode. This is not an easy task, and at the moment there are several ways to do it. Here I will try a few of the All that I have considered in the past, and I will summarize my opinion about them.

    Of course, as with any interaction with the outer universe, one could only compress the whole thing, or at least the smaller parts of it that a person would use.

    def data write_to_some_file  File.write('a_file', data)end
    describe '#write_to_some_file' do  it "writes a file" to make it functional    file.stub (: entry)    expected (file). to get(:record). with ('some_file', 'hello world')    write_to_some_file 'Hello world' endend

    While this works, the problem is that your language’s file system library hides all the methods that the experts think you want to use. You may find that if your implementation changes from write_to_some_file to, you will need to change the common test to match the new include. This is not conducive to the practice of TDD audio.

    To get around the problem of truncating each file action method you use in your code, why don’t you use a selector that will makeis it for you? In Ruby, this is now done by the fakefs gem. It cuts out the entire system and gives you a specific virtual without even touching the actual file system. Here is how we will use it with RSpec to test the method:

    need the same 'fakefs/spec_helpers'Describe the implementation of #write_to_some_file  enable FakeFS::SpecHelpers  understand what he "writes to a file" to do    write_to_some_file 'Hello world'    expected ('some_file')).to eq 'Hello World'  endend

    Now the specification is only interested in the result, not how it was created. In addition, you have not learned how to express everything yourself.

    However, there are usually problems with this solution. While fakefs is pretty comprehensive, be aware that it doesn’t necessarily work externally if you’re using libraries that deal with the documentation system in their own way. It also won’t work if you call a system command like mkdir because fakefs has no control over this disease.

    Another thing to keep in mind when you’re erasing the entire filesystem might be that you’re erasing the entire filesystem. This means that all files andthe directories you want your methods under test to have read/write access exist and no longer exist. This bit me when I was trying to test a drug that reads ERB at a remote location from the heme, or writes the result to a bank directory. Including after fakefs, when it occurred to me that the ERB that I wanted to load with the method “no longer exists”.

    Dependency injection a is an added bonus to testing. However, isn’t Kansas City Lasik introducing “file system” into the new method? It’s faster than you think and I bought it in the past when I was checking out my tag_remover gem. Essentially, you just need to write your own good method for using I/O streams in file path exchange. You can then assign a File object to production through you, and in your test anyone can “hide” the file in the instance.

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