How To Deal With Vmware Workstation Vmx Mac Os Fatal Error?

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    Over the past few weeks, some of our readers have informed us that they have experienced a vmx mac os vmware workstation fatal error.

    loading×Sorry to interrupt youUpdate

    Installation according to the installation steps will be likely and easy, anyone can do it, but it will not start now, which means you will get an error (fatal error) related to the problem, you cannot continue You may be suffering from this errors, it’s time to fix it by following some of the steps below. So, after installing OS X, I got a good feel for the thoughts as well as the bugs. I am grateful to everyone who gives feedback and always appreciate that we find new articles. As soon as I can, I’ll try to cover the tasks one by one so you don’t have to download or catch anything without going through the parts, so let’s get started.

    VMware Unrecoverable Error

    Fix VMware Fatal Error During OS X Virtual Install

    After OS X 10.11, VR starts the machine, if you need to see the error just above, you need to follow the strategies below.

    1. Go to File Explorer and navigate to the OS X VMware Files Network virtual sewing machine, right-click on the VMware Virtual Machine (VMX) image and open it with Notepad.

    2. Now search to the end and enter the following command as usual and press Ctrl+S to save.

    vmware workstation unrecoverable error vmx mac os


    3. Afterinstallation restart your computer and start VMware, start some virtual machine and hurry up, it works fine

    Mac OS X 10.11

    Is the problem not solved? Try typing someone’s command in notepad like below, restart your computer, then power on the virtual machine in VMware.


    We hope your issue gets resolved if people here can’t ask us a question or report a non-standard issue.


    This is a technical person who writes and shares recent experience on the website. Also, he or she is the founder of Tactic and loves helping you help people. You can contact him on social networks and try to sort out your blocked questions.

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    VMware Workstation Fatal Error: Workaround (vmx)

    Overtime was very late last week at 11:00am, computer shuts down very slowly, just add power, single server system doesn’t shutdown, traditionally crashes immediately after use, and still starts a virtual machine today. On OS X, a fatal error appeared over the air in the repair half of the virtual machine; as shown in the picture:

    I can’t figure it out looking in the logs. I can see that Mac OS X 10.9-51268626.vmss is present in the VM directory, which would explain the pause icon. I’m assuming that after a VM crash, some tasks are saved in this file. If it cannot be retrieved, an error may be reported. Now it doesn’t need to be repaired, restart your computer, double click the specific Mac OS X 10.9.vmx icon to reboot. In practice, the machine always motivates him to recover and reveals this error halfway.

    Not reallya way to delete my *.vmss file and then reopen the important machine and slowly log into it after booting up

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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Open the program and click "Scan"
  • Step 3: Click "Repair" to start the repair process

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